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TOPS ASSOCIATES are all experienced working with people with back issues, particularly scoliosis.
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Margarita Andreeva
Martha Carter
Louie Ettling
Michelle Hagenson

Matthias Gustavsson
Lisa Hostman
Darcy McMurray (Full Circle Pilates)
Anita Seiz
Joanne Wong

Steve Butler
Hideaki Kinamaru
Micheline Wong

Stuart Anderson

Anderson Performance Clinic

Over the past 18 years, Stuart has gained an extensive array of clinical expertise assisting his clients in maximizing their performance potential.

Margarita Andreeva

Yoga and Dance for Scoliosis

Margarita developed a passion for health, wellness & physical activity while pursuing a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. With a foundation in anatomy & biomechanics, her teaching connects students to increased body and breath awareness, while moving through a safe & pain free range of motion. The direction & self-discipline of her practice continues to transform from her teenage years when she was diagnosed with Scoliosis.

Tahina Awan

Feldenkrais Based Movement

Tahina has been working with a variety of movement methodologies for almost twenty years; her practice includes Feldenkrais work, Bio-Kinetic release, Taoist Esoteric Yoga, and Qi-Gong as some of the therapeutic elements of her study. A graduate of physical theatre school with a dance minor, her fascinations extend into creative and expressive movement and she currently teaches Movement for Actors at Vancouver Film School. At the core of her work is the principle of BodyMind alignment and the understanding that feeling good in the body is everyone's birthright.

Steve Butler

The Backhealer Method

A self care approach to...HEAL YOUR BACK! The Backhealer is a simple and effective self-care method that personalizes the ancient therapeutic practices of breathing, massage, and movement. This exclusive healing method was developed by Steve Butler in Vancouver, BC to stimulate the body's innate healing response to back pain.

Martha Carter

Stretch, Dance and Yoga for Scoliosis

As the Director of TOPS, Martha is committed to building a community and internet resource to connect people with scoliosis with teachers and healers who can help them to find a better quality of life. As a dance artist with a fused spine, Martha has spent years exploring and training in many body work techniques to help her own back, developing a technique that she calls STRETCH, DANCE and DANCE for SCOLIOSIS which she teaches regularly for TOPS.

Eve-Marie Dehondt

Pilates for Scoliosis in HAWAII!

Eve-Marie was diagnosed with an S-curve scoliosis when she was 14 and wore a body brace untli she was 18. She started to really suffer with back pain when she was 25 and could not find any sport that would make the pain go away. When she discovered Pilates, she fell in love with the discipline as it helped her get a better alignment and significant pain relief. Eve-Marie has a full certification in Pilates Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table and Chair. She enjoys teaching some privates or small group classes, to help her students benefit from this method.

Desirée Dunbar

Mindful Movement

Bringing together the best of dance, yoga, pilates, meditation and energy work. Desirée welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to come together to explore her unique meditation and movement practice that offers an enhanced experience of grace, joy, ease and self-love. Desirée has dedicated her life to dancing. She is on a quest to unearth her authentic self through both the metaphysical- quietly going inwards to discover what is present and the physical- the outward expression of the spirit and soul through dynamic, creative movement.

Louie Ettling and The Yoga Space

Vancouver Iyengar Yoga Studio

677 E 27th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V 2K7
(604) 876-9600

David Frank Gomes

Life Coaching

“I believe that along with looking after our physical bodies, we must care for and nurture our hearts and our minds. One of the best ways to look after our happiness and health is to take care of the present moment that we are in.”