For Fused, Injured or Post Surgical Spines
March 18 to March 18, 2017
10:00 am-12:30 pm

Do you have a fused spine? Have you had surgery to correct a scoliosis or for another condition? If so, these workshops are designed for you!

'Fusion Yoga' explores new ways to work through the tightness, stiffness, fear and pain often experienced by people with surgically 'corrected' spines. Based on Martha's personal experience living and dancing with a fused spine, she combines exercises from dance, yoga, pilates, massage and stretching techniques to awaken the body to new sensation. 

About Martha: Martha Carter combines her experiences as a dance artist, scoliosis specialist and yoga teacher to share physical exercises that bring awareness, alignment, length and strength to the whole body. From Vancouver, Canada, Martha is the Director of Marta Marta Productions, and Twisted Outreach Project (TOPS). A certified Yoga Teacher, she holds a BA in Music, an MFA in Dance and teaches both dance, yoga and Stretch for Scoliosis in Vancouver and beyond.

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150 McLean Drive, 2nd Floor
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA