Women’s yoga for scoliosis
With deborah wolk
Salt Spring Island, BC
June 27-30, 2019

This workshop will be held on beautiful Salt Spring Island on the West Coast of Canada. MAP



Women’s Yoga for Scoliosis: Practices for the stages of life — Adolescence, Fertility years (menstruation; prenatal and postnatal), and peri / postmenopause.

When was your scoliosis diagnosis? Was it during a hormonal shift like adolescence or menopause? Did your curve degree change when you had children? Did your bone structure change when you took drugs for breast cancer or osteoporosis, or when you got hormonal treatments? 

Scoliosis presenting itself or progressing further (or resolving!) post-adolescence is rarely talked about in the medical community, but it is both real and common. 

How can a yoga practice support the scoliotic body during these hormonal shifts—whether natural or chemically-induced? Or, conversely, how can a yoga practice specific to scoliosis help us adjust to our hormonal shifts as they are bound to happen and simultaneously contribute to a healthy bone structure.

Join Deborah Wolk for this unique melding of women's yoga in the tradition of Geeta S. Iyengar and Yoga for Scoliosis on the majestic west coast of Canada! Enjoy a revitalizing and rejuvenating 4-day retreat surrounded by the wildlife of Salt Spring Island while learning to manage scoliosis with yoga at all stages of life. This retreat workshop is for all levels, as well as for students with spinal fusions. Teachers who work with students who have scoliosis are also encouraged to attend.

Salt Spring Island is known as the largest and most popular of the many gulf islands on the west coast of Canada. With its spectacular coastal and pastoral scenery, the island offers many outdoor activities, as well as the opportunity to explore dozens of artist studios and artisanal farms and markets. The workshop will be held at the wonderful Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. Salt Spring Island is a quick float plane ride from Vancouver International Airport. Or you can arrive via a stunning ferry ride from Vancouver or Victoria.

Having practiced yoga for her own scoliosis since 1994, Deborah has found that alignment-based yoga can control back pain and arrest the progression of the curvature and twist. In January 2015, Deborah founded Samamkaya Yoga Back Care and Scoliosis Collective in New York City – the only Yoga Center specializing in back care and scoliosis operating as a workers’ cooperative in the world! Deborah’s yoga teaching is inspired by her mentors, Elise Browning Miller, Bobbie Fultz, Genny Kapuler, Karin Stephan and Donald Moyer, and by therapeutic practices observed at medical classes at The Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune, India. Her understanding of the organs is supported by ongoing study of Experiential Anatomy with Genny Kapuler and through her work with teacher Rachel Lynch-John in Body-Mind Centering techniques, a study she loves as much as Yoga itself. Deborah Wolk is certified by IAYT.