Joanne Wong

Exercise and Manual Therapist at Sitka Physio and Wellness
Myofascial Release, Pilates, Trauma and Tension Release (TRE), Yoga,
KMI Structural Integration

Vancouver, Canada


Joanne’s passion for movement lead her to train in a variety of healing methodologies and manual therapies including myofascial release, yoga and Pilates. Working as an exercise and manual therapist at Sitka Physio and Wellness, Joanne specializes in areas of injury prevention and rehabilitation. When working with scoliosis patients, her manual therapy approach is two-fold. First, she guides patients through a full-body Pilates regime specifically designed for scoliosis (Scolio-Pilates) to strengthen the body and develop a more neutral spine. This is followed by advanced myofascial release techniques, again specifically adapted for scoliosis. Joanne’s whole body approach helps to decrease or eliminate discomfort or pain, thereby improving function and quality of life for her patients.