Books: Martha Carter reviews 'All The Difference', by Patricia Horvath

As soon as I started reading Patricia Horvath’s book, All the Difference, I could not put it down. It almost felt like I was reading my own scoliosis story! Another teenage girl, just like I was, reminiscing about her own version of the same, tortuous, early version of the Harrington Rod surgery I had to go through. I could hardly believe it!

It was both wonderful and startling to read her words and realize they could have been mine. Of course many details were different...

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Finding Our Words for Fusion by Ahava Shira

Welcome to "Back Stories", our TOPS Guest Blog Series. In our third guest blog, Ahava Shira, a professional facilitator, masterful at guiding each person to express themselves in their own way, in their own time, with their own words, shares her story and how she utilizes writing as a form of healing and teaches others to do the same.

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Deborah Wolk on Scoliosis and the Organs

Introducing "Back Stories", our TOPS Guest Blog Series. In our second guest blog, Deborah Wolk, a Yoga for Scoliosis specialist based in New York City, details the incredible experience shared by all in attendance at her Yoga, Scoliosis and the Organic Body retreat for TOPS on Salt Spring Island, BC, this past July, 2018.


We live in a time when the earth is stressed: fires blaze along the West Coast, resources are dwindling, and the ocean and its inhabitants are diseased by plastic. The state of our planet raises questions. How does our own condition reflect this?

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New Scoliosis Research: Martha Carter speaks with Kristen Fay Gorman

Recently, Martha Carter caught up with Kristen Fay Gorman by phone to find out about her latest scoliosis research findings (nine years after Martha's original visit to Kristen's lab to see the guppies with scoliosis!). The result is a fascinating look at the questions, quandries, explorations, and discoveries that Kristen and her team have been working with most recently in the area of scoliosis research. While there may be no known cause or cure for scoliosis yet - there is definitely hope!

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A Testimony on Life with Scoliosis: Scoli Girl by Cindy Heidel

Introducing "Back Stories", our TOPS Guest Blog Series. Our first guest blog is this incredible raw and moving story by Cindy Heidel from Florida, USA.

    I was born, a stick with a head on it. People loved to point out how skinny I was. By thirteen, I knew I was abnormally tall, flat chested, and had two buck teeth that could open a soda bottle. Some brat in the neighborhood nicknamed me Fang. But I also knew that something was wrong with me.

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What Kind of Curve are You?

TOPS commissioned Vancouver illustrator, Gary Leung to draw the 4 most common forms of scoliosis. The inspiration for these illustrations came from images drawn by Alexander Laurant in Elise Miller's Yoga Journal article “Yoga for Scoliosis.” Gary developed these schematic portrayals of scoliosis to convey the overall shape of the spine, lending the viewer an opportunity to identify on a visual level.

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Interesting Video on the Alexander Technique for Scoliosis

"The Alexander technique teaches the ability to improve physical postural habits, particularly those that have become ingrained or are conditioned responses. The technique is purported to improve performance, self observation and impulse control and relieve chronic stiffness, tension and stress." ~Wikipedia

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Martha Carter Talks About Her Healing Journey - Part 14

About other Scoliosis-Specific Exercise Methods

Since I had my Harrington rods removed, I have explored and discovered many therapies. Aside from Yoga for Scoliosis, which has been my main focus, there are three other popular Scoliosis-targeted exercise methods that are becoming more available and showing promising results.

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Martha Carter Talks About Her Healing Journey - Part 13

Becoming a Yoga for Scoliosis teacher

One of the hardest things about scoliosis is that it is difficult to know what to do to make it better. People ask me questions like these all the time:

How do you cure scoliosis?
How can I make my back straight again?  
How can I stop the curve from getting worse?
What can I do to get rid of the pain?

Though extremely understandable questions to ask, they are very difficult questions to answer, because every person and every curve is different. There is one thing that is for sure though: it is NOT possible to CURE a structural scoliosis.

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Martha Carter Talks About Her Healing Journey - Part 12

A 200-hour Yoga teacher training adventure of discovery on Salt Spring Island, BC.

Through attending Yoga For Scoliosis with Elise Browning Miller, I came to clearly understand that Yoga could really help me, but it also opened me up to the realization that I didn't know anything about Yoga — in the wider sense. When I first started studying Yoga, I was completely distracted by my own body fears and discomforts.

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Martha Carter Talks About Her Healing Journey - Part 11

What happens in a Yoga for Scoliosis class

When I discovered Elise Browning Miller and her method, Yoga for Scoliosis, I finally felt confident to explore Yoga further. First of all, Elise had scoliosis! So, unlike other Yoga teachers I had worked with, her teaching provided insights that could only come from having personal experience with this condition.

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