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Our Mission

The TWiSTED OUTREACH PROJECT for BACK CARE and SCOLIOSIS (TOPS) is a Vancouver-based non-profit resource centre registered under the umbrella of the Marta Marta HoP Dance Society that provides a range of holistic and creative approaches to working with back care and scoliosis.

We connect patients, parents, practitioners, teachers and researchers, enabling them to share personalized treatment regimes and explore new ways of managing scoliosis and its social and emotional consequences. We run workshops, connect specialists, empower individuals, build community, raise awareness and provide resources.

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Classes and Workshops

We offer a variety of back care workshops and classes taught by local, national and international instructors. Classes foster community and help students develop a personal practice.

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Though some people are diagnosed in childhood, most people only learn they have scoliosis in their early teens. Through TOPS, teens share their stories, experiences and insights.

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Private Consultations

Working one-on-one provides students with more individual attention and personalized adjustment. It’s also a great way for students to deepen their personal practice and body awareness.

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Martha Carter, TOPS Founder

Martha Carter, TOPS Founder

Our Founder

TOPS founder Martha Carter was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 11 and was given little information, options or resources. Her own healing journey inspired her to provide others with the community and support that she lacked.



Support the Cause

Your financial contribution can help us to grow our community as well as expand the classes, workshops and resources we offer.



Our Community

Local. National. International. All ages. All walks of life. We provide a non-judgmental, open and safe space for all who connect with us. Our network unites not only patients and professionals but family, students, artists, and the general public.

We support and empower our community through dialogue, stories, workshops and resources. Stay in touch!


Following a mandate to educate and inspire, we:

Run Workshops

From analysis of medical options to classes introducing alternative treatments and body work practices, our workshops help individuals make informed choices about back care.

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Connect Specialists

We engage with interdisciplinary researchers, scoliosis and back care specialists around the world on a wide range of emerging issues related to scoliosis and its management.

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Empower Individuals

Have ground-breaking research to discuss? An artistic vision to realize? TOPS creates opportunities for individuals to achieve goals that extend beyond back care.

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Build Community

Through our classes, workshops and online network we encourage people to help each other by sharing stories, discussing treatment options, and offering emotional support.

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Raise Awareness

Medical treatment options have evolved in some ways, but in other ways they have remained unchanged for decades despite a growing knowledge of non-surgical treatments. We help patients better understand their options.

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Provide Resources

Our online platform offers article links, book recommendations and specialized exercises as well as general information about scoliosis, practitioners, treatment options and wellness centres.

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