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Private Consultations

"By putting your simple program into action I have really turned around my chronic lower back pain. As I age with my scoliosis, more and more issues seem to have arisen, and now I feel like have a real way to manage them... It is such an empowering position to feel in control of my own healing."

-Laura W., Private Client

Private consultations are recommended for students who want more individual attention and correction than in a public class or who simply want to deepen their practice. A minimum of two sessions is recommended. Sessions can take place in person or via Skype video chat.

Private consultations with Martha Carter can be booked through the Booking page or feel free to email us directly to set up an appointment. Private consultations with TOPS associates can be arranged by contacting them directly through the TEAM page.

Private Consultations with Martha Carter:

During the first 90-minute session, Martha will devise a stretch or yoga program for the student to do at home. Postures included will specifically address the student’s individual needs and level of practice.

A 60-minute follow-up session is recommended within a month to fine-tune and correct the poses that were given in the first session and to add new poses. Follow-up sessions are available weekly, monthly or even yearly, as is appropriate.

Consultations are available at the TOPS Studio, in the privacy and comfort of the student’s own home (depending on location), or via Skype video chat. A sliding scale is available for teenagers, students, artists and low-income individuals. Contact us for more information.