Ahava Shira

Founder of the Centre for Loving Inquiry
Creative mentorship, art therapy
Salt Spring Island, Canada


Ahava Shira, PhD, is a writer, performer, creative mentor and founder of the Centre for Loving Inquiry. As an adolescent, Ahava wore orthopedic braces to stop a growing scoliosis curve, and at 17 had spinal fusion surgery. Over the 30 years since her surgery, she credits her practice of writing and other forms of creative expression, as well as her focus on meditation, yoga, dance and healthy eating, with keeping her body and mind flexible and strong.

Ahava’s organization, Loving Inquiry, provides a safe space for mothers of children with scoliosis to focus on their own needs, challenges and questions so that they can approach parenting with the courage, self-care and self-love needed for both themselves and their children to flourish. In one-to-one sessions, Ahava helps mothers to: find meaning in their experience through writing and other creative processes; express the emotions they hide from their family; cultivate presence, patience and compassion; and nurture inner strength, peace and wisdom.