Matthias Gustavsson

Instructor at New Moves Pilates
Pilates, Craniosacral therapy, Hyperton X-Stretch and Release System
Vancouver, Canada


Matthias has been teaching Pilates since 1999. An active triathlete, Matthias actively explores how Pilates can improve performance in endurance sports. He takes a holistic approach to health and fitness that considers how all aspects of life impact the body. He strives to design programs that achieve and maintain optimal body function by considering and utilizing the most recent findings in brain neuroplasticity and functional movement practices. Matthias has experience working with people of all ages and levels, from elite athletes to people suffering from serious handicaps.

The Pilates method both challenges and supports movement, making it easily modified for individual needs. In combination with Pilates, Matthias employs a range of hands-on techniques such as craniosacral therapy, touch for health, specialized kinesiology and Hyperton-X stretch to help clients move through blocks and regain full movement abilities. Matthias has been involved with TOPS since 2013 and believes in its mission to empower and enhance the lives of people suffering from scoliosis.