Darcy McMurray

Instructor at Full Circle Pilates
Vancouver, Canada


Darcy owns Full Circle Studio, one of Vancouver's top Pilates facilities. Darcy has been teaching Pilates and training Pilates instructors since 2000, she has traveled internationally conducting courses and workshops as well as creating course material for STOTT Pilates. Darcy specializes in rehabilitation as well as working with clients with acute issues. Through Pilates Darcy takes a supportive hands on approach integrating massage, breath work, strengthening, and stretching exercises. Darcy has trained with Elise Miller (Yoga for Scoliosis) as well as the Essential Somatics course with Theresa Evans, and incorporates these modalities into her sessions. You can expect to leave a session feeling better range of motion in your body, empowered, and more aware of how to move in your day-to-day life.