Hideaki Kanamaru


Founder of Kanamaru Performance
Kinesiology, Strength training, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Tuina, Guasha, Cupping
ancouver, Canada


Born into a martial arts family, Hideaki’s exploration of the connection between body and mind began at an early age and sparked his interest in the field of human kinetics. While completing his kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary (2003), he explored various forms of dance including bboying, hip hop and contemporary styles. He obtained a diploma in shiatsu in 2007 and soon developed a unique technique called Restorative Kinetic Therapy (RKT) that drew inspiration from his formal education as well as his background in dance and martial arts. RKT is an integrative therapeutic treatment that combines elements of martial arts, dance, kinesiology and shiatsu. As a dedicated healer, Hideaki continues to expand his knowledge and repertoire. He is currently continuing studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  

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