Louie Ettling

Founder and Director at The Yoga Space
Vancouver, Canada


Louie has been a keen student of Iyengar Yoga since she started her studies 32 years ago. She studied regularly with B.K.S Iyengar and serves on the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada's Professional Development Committee as a trainer of teachers. Louie shares her love of yoga by teaching seriously and with humour. She is supportive and challenging of students' own intelligent exploration of and participation in the subject. 

Through Iyengar yoga, Louie focuses on correct alignment and body positioning, often using props to achieve correct alignment and to deepen the pose. For students with scoliosis, the focus is on lengthening tight muscles (particularly on the concave side of the spine), de-rotating the twists in the spine, and using the breath to help open restricted areas in the body. The approach promotes the strengthening of the spine (especially the convex side) and the whole body. Students with scoliosis can attend a general class at The Yoga Space or a private class to develop a plan and learn how to work with their specific scoliosis.