Martha Carter

Founder of Twisted Outreach Project, Instructor
Yoga, Dance
Vancouver, Canada


At the age of 11, Martha, an enthusiastic young dancer, was diagnosed with a “C” curve scoliosis and, at age 14, underwent Harrington Rod surgery. After spending a year in bed encased in a body cast, she was told she could never dance again. Undeterred, Martha’s journey back to dance evolved into a lifelong practice of health, mobility, emotional and artistic expression.

A teacher, choreographer and certified yoga instructor, Martha has spent years exploring and training in many body work techniques. Her efforts to heal her own back after the removal of her Harrington rods led her to develop a rehabilitation technique that alleviates discomfort and rebuilds strength through the combination of yoga, physiotherapy, massage, dance, Pilates, breathing and meditation.

Since 2009 Martha has been performing TWiSTED : SOLO, a dance/theatre production recounting her personal journey. The interest and conversation it stirred inspired Martha to begin sharing her technique with others, and soon after she founded the TWiSTED Outreach Project to offer others the community and resources she didn’t have when she was young.

Martha now leads workshops across North America and teaches classes based on her technique, called Stretch, Dance and Yoga for Scoliosis, regularly at the TOPS Studio in Vancouver. She is also available for private consultations with adults, teenagers and their parents.