Parent's Corner


Are you the parent of a teen with scoliosis?


We understand that a scoliosis diagnosis is often a big surprise. As you have no doubt learned, a scoliosis curve can appear quite suddenly, and sometimes they increase quite quickly. It can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate the medical options which often create more questions than they answer!

We understand and are here to help. Our founder, Martha Carter, and many of the teachers and affiliates who work with the TWiSTED Outreach Project for Back Care and Scoliosis (TOPS) were diagnosed with scoliosis or other back issues as teenagers. Depending on the decade and their particular scoliosis, they have all experienced different levels of medical treatments and supportive care. Many of them became specialists in body work as an extension of their own experience and research.

For parents who are interested in learning more about their teenager's scoliosis and supportive care options, we recommend that you book a private consultation with your teen with Martha Carter. During this consultation, Martha will answer questions, discuss treatment options and can also create a simple custom stretching sequence that your teen can try on their own.

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