TOPS TEENS: Stephanie shows Downward Dog with Traction
Stephanie enjoys how much straighter her spine feels in this example of a Downward Dog pose with Traction.

TWiSTED: Back Collage

Choreography: Martha Carter
Visuals: jamie griffiths

This collage, celebrating spine flexibility, was created as the opening video sequence for a performance piece called TWiSTED. Performed by Martha Carter, this piece recounted her struggle as a dance artist with a twisted spine, and ultimately lead to the creation of the TWISTED OUTREACH PROJECT.

TOPS TEENS: Ashley illustrates a Wall Stretch that is GREAT for Fusions!
Ashley walks us through exactly how to do her favourite stretch for scoliosis at home.

TOPS TEENS: Grace’s favourite scoliosis stretch
Grace loves this simple yet powerful yoga stretch to relieve scoliosis discomfort.

DR. TREDWELL: What do you say to teens (and their parents) about surgery? 
See this excerpt from an interview with acclaimed orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Tredwell. 

TOPS TEENS: Leah stretching and dancing
Leah shows how she likes to stretch her scoliosis while dancing to keep her back as mobile as possible.

TOPS TEENS: Wall Stretch with Izzy
Following her first yoga session with Martha Carter, Izzy feels all stretched out and ready to work on her own.