Valerie Cordemans

Yoga, Dance
Vancouver, Canada


Valerie Cordemans came to yoga and coaching when her osteopath suggested she try yoga to help her scoliosis. Over the years, Valerie has continued to explore different styles and practices, discovering that the Iyengar-aligned approach has been the best way for her to keep her spine 'in line’.

In 2012, Valerie started teacher training at Naada Yoga in Montreal and furthered her training in Yoga for Scoliosis (Elise Miller), Restorative Yoga (Judith Lasater) and Yoga for Kids and Teens (Sivananda). She also holds a coaching certification at Concordia University. Valerie and her husband Johannes Lakshman run Ekagrata : Yoga and Coaching, where the mantra is improved wellbeing through yoga. All classes or coaching sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis.