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Books: Martha Carter reviews 'All The Difference', by Patricia Horvath

As soon as I started reading Patricia Horvath’s book, All the Difference, I could not put it down. It almost felt like I was reading my own scoliosis story! Another teenage girl, just like I was, reminiscing about her own version of the same, tortuous, early version of the Harrington Rod surgery I had to go through. I could hardly believe it!

It was both wonderful and startling to read her words and realize they could have been mine. Of course many details were different...

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A Testimony on Life with Scoliosis: Scoli Girl by Cindy Heidel

Introducing "Back Stories", our TOPS Guest Blog Series. Our first guest blog is this incredible raw and moving story by Cindy Heidel from Florida, USA.

    I was born, a stick with a head on it. People loved to point out how skinny I was. By thirteen, I knew I was abnormally tall, flat chested, and had two buck teeth that could open a soda bottle. Some brat in the neighborhood nicknamed me Fang. But I also knew that something was wrong with me.

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